All right, you raw recruits, listen up:

This is the place for real he-men (and real she-women). It’s no place for namby-pamby crybabies who whine “it’s too hard” or lazy good-for-nothings who just “can’t get their act together.” You won’t find no sheepish followers around here waiting for someone to tell them what to do here. We want the few… the proud… the “best of the best, Sir!”

Did you do your morning calisthenics yet? Right. I’ve heard that excuse before, and I don’t want to hear it again. Did you eat a good breakfast? Uh huh, since when did a candy bar make the nutritional pyramid? You just get one body, so it’s up to you to take care of it.

Let's start shaping up Your Life.



(10 points)

Where are You Going?

If you want to get somewhere, you have to know Where you want to go. If you want to build your own future, you have to know what you want that future to be. Make a list of 20 things you want to accomplish over the course of the next year.



(20-40 points)

Daily Regimen – set up a schedule of exercise and stick with it. Start small and easy, just to get in the habit. Don’t worry – it’ll get tougher. We’re going to whip those muscles of yours into shape. Record your exercises and times and submit them for inspection after you spend one week of active duty. I expect a full report of all the triumphs and setbacks you encounter with this regimen. Then I want your assessment of what you are going to do to stick to this. This isn't about the school. This is all about You.

Now go exercise your brain AND your brawn. I’ll be watching you, and I expect results.



(5 points)

In order to build good habits and create a proper lifestyle, you have to constantly assess your own behavior and work toward your current goal. I want you to keep track of your progress and keep me informed of what you are doing. Each week, I want you to submit a short but concise report that chronicles what you have accomplished and what you have planned for the next week.



(20-40 points)

Your next assignment is to write a “Letter of Introduction” for yourself. This is the sort of letter that gets you into a spiffy college or a high-paying job. It’s the sort of letter that will let other Warriors know who you are and just what you can do.

The best way to get a good job is to know the right people. The best people to know are those that share your vision and work ethic. The people you will meet here at the school will be your comrades through life. We’re going to be a team here, to build each other’s future. But the future starts here and now. Introduce yourself.

How to Write a Formal Introduction Letter

Captain McGillicuddy's Introduction Letter



(20-40 points)

A Commitment is a Formal Promise to Yourself

Okay, so you listed some goals for the upcoming year. It's time to go from wishful thinking to actually setting the future in motion.

Select five of your Goals for the Year and turn them into Commitments.

Making Commitments:

Submit a formal report with the Commitments you have chosen to make. Then, with every status report you send in from this point onward, think about your commitments and analyze how well you are accomplishing your goals.



Warrior Battle Chant

(10-20 pts)

Create a Poem or Battle Chant that inspires and encourages our Warriors to fight the Good Fight or teaches others the Way of the Warrior.


Reaching Out

(5-20 pts)

On the main How to Be a Hero Forum, Post a new topic discussing ways to foster community between people at this school.


Warrior Essential Reading

(5 points per Report)

Give a short report on some book or information-based Website you consider influential and useful for Warriors.


Warrior Essential Viewing

(5 points per Report)

Give a short report on some movie or play you consider influential and useful for Warriors and explain why this is valuable.



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