Way of the Warrior

Letter of Introduction


Mombera MacGillicuddy
Captain, Heeland Free Clans
Fort Nessinver
Heeland, New Albion

The Famous Adventurer
12345 Aerris Way
Silmaria, Marete



I understand you are seeking an instructor to teach the Way of the Warrior for your Correspondence School for Heroes. I am an ideal teacher for such a course.

I am Mombera MacGillicuddy, grandson of a colleague of yours, Angus MacGillicuddy, Adventurer. Upon the Simbani Plains of Tarna, I earned my first cow and the title of Warrior before the age of fourteen. I then traveled to the northern continent with my grandfather, where we toured the major centers of civilization (including your fair city of Silmaria). We eventually journeyed to my ancestral homeland of the Heeland, where I enlisted in the army of the Free Clans in their revolution against the tyranny of oppression. I have earned many honor rings from the Thane, and attained the rank of Captain.

As the Thane has earned the respect of the oppressor, and the Heelands are experiencing the novelty and luxury of freedom, my services as an officer are no longer necessary. Therefore, I seek to use my skills and knowledge for the benefit others in another way. I am applying for the honored and heroic role of teacher at your school.

A Warrior must understand himself and set goals in order to create his own future. A Warrior must teach himself discipline and dedication in order to carry out his goals. A Warrior must learn the skills of leadership and be able to guide others to share his goals and accomplish their mission. A Warrior must understand the battleground and the nature of the battle in order to win a war, be it a clash of swords or the barrage of verbal debate. These and many other lessons will I bring before my students.

Through this interaction with the correspondence school, I seek to improve my own understanding of the outerland of Earth. I will learn the needs of the Warriors and Heroes of that world, and apply my wisdom and experience to aid them in attaining their own goals. From them, I will gain greater wisdom. In the sayings of my Simbani people, "Mwalimu jifunza," which translates roughly to "Who teaches, learns."




Mombera MacGillicuddy




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