This is a display of the finest work of the finest Warriors of the Finest Hero School on the finest of worlds.


Letter of Introduction
by The Guardian

Guardian of El
aka: Elias Sampson
St. George, Utah U.S.A.

September 27th, 2006

Captain Mombera MacGillicuddy
How to Be a Hero Correspondence School
Fort Nessinver
Heeland, New Albion

Dear Captain MacGillicuddy, Mombera and My Brothers and Sisters on the path to become something greater then we are:

This is my Letter of Introduction, however I believe this is long passed due, and for that I humbly apologize. I have been a Guild Member Since: 2005/9/16 but regrettably I have not been around to show my support for my fellow Hero's.

My name is Elias Sampson, I am a 26 year old Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and have been a leader of troops during a time of war. Lately I have been preparing to join and serve in the honorable police force here in town. I plan on furthering my studies of criminal justice and one day transfer into the F.B.I. as a Special Agent upon completion of my college degree to further serve and protect those that can not protect them self.

My interests if life are mostly physical, I Love to be physically active and get out and have a Great time. However, I am not a big fan of watching sports on tv, I'll go and play a game of about anything when ever asked. I love to be outdoors and out in the wilderness, I have taken and studied a lot about primitive survival methods and have had to survive in temps ranging from 120 degrees down to -20 below. I take my friends out repelling and rock climbing on the weekends through out Zion's Canyon close to my house and going Scuba diving at near by lakes. As a child I was raised within the martial arts world, I grow up taking and competing in different forms of Karate, Ju-jitsu, and lately I have been learning Wing Chun Kung Fu.

For those of you out there that Thirst for the chance to feel the heat of battle and War. I pray that you never have to see war first hand. I have been to war, and seen my friends die around me, and I'll tell you that the only ones that pray for war are those that have never seen it's destructive power first hand. "Courage is not the absence of fear, but simply doing the right thing even in the presence of fear." I hope that you all can remember that when the Chance comes up to do something great.

I believe I have a lot of life experience to offer and share with my fellow Hero's, and am willing to learn from anything anyone is willing to teach and share with me. One can never stop learning, one of the many quotes I have lived by since a little kid is "One becomes great when, he comes to the realization that what he knows is very little." So any Help anyone can give me along the way, is greatly Needed.

In closing I would like to add that to ME, this site is not just a way to waste time online, So i'm not here to role-play or play games. For those out there that are really trying to make a difference in your area contact me anytime. Check my profile for ways to contact me.


The Guardian

" Evil only prevails when good men do nothing"


Letter of Introduction
by Justicefavorsall

aka: Melanie
Mansfield Unversity - Mansfield, Pennsylvania
April 22, 2006

Captain Mombera MacGillicuddy
Warrior Headquarters "Way of the Warrior"
Fort Nessinver
Heeland, New Albion
How To Be A Hero Correspondence School
Silmaria, Marete

Dear Captain MacGillicuddy and Comrades,

Greetings to all! I am sending my Letter of Introduction that will reveal to you what I am willing and will do for the Warriors Guild. I will also be including how I intend to learn from my relationships with my fellow comrades and my captain to become a great hero. But before my guild intentions, I must introduce myself.

I am a 19 year old college sophomore completing my second year here at Mansfield University in northern Pennsylvania. I am majoring in Political Science with a minor in Geography. I plan furthering my studies by going to graduate school to become a Criminal Prosecutor. I will also be completing my doctorate in
Political Science and entering into Geopolitics. I am in Political Science Club to help the University students gain more knowledge on how the game of politics is implemented into our daily lives.

I am a graduate of Wallenpaupack Area High School which was ranked fourth of the 37 districts in the state of Pennsylvania for SAT scores. I was in many
extracurricular activities such as marching band, concert band, concert choir, girl's ensemble, jazz band, brass ensemble, and the WAHS Players production
of Les Miserables.

I have a great interest in politics, government, and the judicial system. I enjoy the arts, music in particular. I am sociable and am always happy to meet
new people. I work well with people and believe in fairness, honesty, and diplomacy. I am not afraid to step up to a challenge and believe that leadership
should be a part of everyone's life. I like being active whether it is with the arts or with my academics. I plan on being quite active with the Warrior's Guild.

When I first heard of the site, I found it quite fascinating that it was in existence. Not many people that I have met have strived to be all
that they can be. They strived for mediocrity. While joining the site and the ranks of the Warriors, I have found that I am not the only one who believes in "go
big or go home". It is due to this that I am going to do all it takes to prove to you, Captain, and my fellow Warriors that I am able and willing to go the distance to be a greater person and to learn all I can from my experiences here.

I am enthusiastic to hear from my fellow Warriors and Captain on their experiences here and how they have learned to become the "leaders of tomorrow". I do hope
that I will be hearing tales of success and failure, because (to quote Ralph Waldo Emerson) "Men succeed when they realize that their failures are the preparation for their victories."

I hope to be another warrior who gains the knowledge and experience of this school and to become the best that I can be.



"A Warrior's Path"
by Justicefavorsall

Over the horizon, a shadow passes,
covered by a glint of sinful promise.
In the dark, wickedness still lives on,
yet virtue survives in these days of old.

We search a path for a glimpse of truth.
The journey carries on with the strength of a pure heart.
love, integrity, and friendship will not allow us to fall.

Courage can shatter from one slice of fear or doubt.
Victory stands on the edge of a knife.
Truth prevails over any betrayal.
Secrets are revealed on the path of our lives.

Lives of courage, honor, valour,
take on fear, deceit, and war.
All that is good shall be triumphant
as long as honesty and belief in our paths live forevermore.

Always remember as your path travels on.
There is no triumph without loss.
There is no victory without suffering.
There is no freedom without sacrifice.


Letter of Introduction
by Private SisterDawn

Private SisterDawn
Des Moines, IA

December 15, 2005

Captain Mombera MacGillicuddy
How to Be a Hero Correspondence School
Warrior Headquarters
Silmaria, Marete

Dear Captain MacGillicuddy,

I write to you to thank you for my acceptance into the school for warriors, and to give you more information about myself. It is an honor to be counted among the esteemed students in this school, and I will give my studies and development here my best efforts.

I suppose you could say that I have been a warrior ever since infancy. I was born with cancer tumors in both of my eyes, and fought this for the first few months of life. My eyes were removed at the age of four months, after which I underwent extensive radiation and chemotherapy treatments. As can be seen, I won my battle against cancer, and have grown up totally blind ever since. I cut my teeth in battle against my two older sighted sisters, who saw me as no different than they. My parents were not content to send me away to a school for the blind, so I grew up mainstreamed into public schools, learning to compete equally with my sighted peers. My parents taught me early on that I would receive no special treatment due to my blindness. I was held to the same high standard of excellence in school and my personal life that my sisters were. My mother was a model warrior, advocating for me when I was too young to do so, and then teaching me to advocate for myself. she exemplified the best warrior qualities by raising her three daughters while being single. She is my real-life hero, and always will be.

due to my upbringing and good role model, I learned as a teenager that I wished to make a career advocating for those who could not do so for themselves, and teaching them skills to fight their way through life's hardships. to that end, I entered college and received my Bachelor's degree in Counseling. I am now working on my Master's degree in the same field. My goal is to become a licensed mental health counselor, and to work with at-risk and/or troubled adolescence. My favorite thing about working with teenagers is the challenge of breaking down their defenses against people who care for them and wish to help them. It can be a trying effort, but there is no feeling to compare with the victory of really getting to know a student, and to see them grow and heal beyond their past.

I am currently engaged in several volunteer opportunities within my community. the largest one is as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children. this mostly includes children in foster care, and I help to ensure that they do not fall through cracks in the system. I also work with our chapter of the American Red Cross, and a consumer organization called The National Federation of the Blind. the Federation works (and fights when necessary) to ensure that blind people receive the same security, equality, and opportunity as their sighted peers.

My greatest strength is my skill to communicate. I am an attentive listener, but able to get my own point across. I also possess the ability to lead others in new and positive directions. Several things I hope to learn while studying here are how to control my temper, increase self-discipline, and manage my strong will. I will endeavor to learn from you, Captain, as well as my fellow students, no matter their rank. However, I also believe that even the least in rank have something to give. therefore I will try to enrich the lives and learning of you and my fellow warriors, and give back to the school in any way I can.

I hope that this letter has given you insight into my past, character, and personality. If you have any further questions for me, I will answer them to the best of my knowledge. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter of introduction.

Respectfully submitted,

Private SisterDawn


Letter of Introduction
by daxx0r


David "daxx0r" Farrell
Private First Rank
Fort Liberty
Hope, Canyon of death.

Mombasa McGillicuddy
Instructor, Captain of the Warriors
Fort Nessinver
Heeland, New Albion


As requested I hereby present my letter of introduction.

I am David "daxx0r" Farrell. In my younger years I was a regular child with interests in science and the world outside our borders, full of hope and imagination. Soon however, war cast a shadow that engulfed my homeland. As we were a peaceful people, all but a very few survived. At the time, I was only ten years old. My parents were killed, which forced me into the cold gritty world outside, alone. I was, and still am a survivor. I would not let myself go down without a bloody fight. I trained myself to become the one thing our enemy feared, perfected in all my battling techniques. Soon others followed me, and together we ended the war. I soon learned though, that I no longer fit in with the rest of my people. Therefore, I some time ago joined your noble warrior academy.

I am your ideal Warrior. My role as a warrior has required that I develop excellent skills in the art of war. Every single part of me has been trained to perfection. I can handle an arsenal of different weapons, and I am excellent at hand-to-hand combat. We both know that this does not define a warrior, however. What I have described is a ruthless killing machine. What makes me different, are my leadership skills. I always have supreme command of my team. I never give up. I will not stop going for my goal, until you've ripped all my extremities off, so that I cannot physically do it. I also have great compassion for others. I will never leave anyone behind, and if possible (depending on the situation), I will even consider being merciful to my enemies (they might turn into allies). I have honor, dignity, and will never fail you.

I will provide you with my services as a seasoned warrior. I will not only provide my skills and experience to aid my superiors, but I will also share them with the other troops. I will offer my opinion to you regarding anything from battle plans, to ways of organizing the troops (despite that, since you have much more experience, I will probably be wrong at the matter in hand). I feel that you can never learn too much from each other, and no matter who is more correct, the other person can always learn from it, and perfect himself/herself more. I will follow under your command, which I will never go against. If you need anyone to trust, I am the one. I have specialized myself in close to medium range combat, and I am good at commanding squads.

I will keep myself in good shape, and practice my skills on a daily basis. I will follow your lead and complete any assignments you give to me, voluntary or required. I will never let you down, sir. I will always be ready to charge into action.

Sincerely, David "daxx0r" Farrell


Essential Viewing for Warriors
by daxx0r

The Lord of the Rings trilogy

The way of the ring- The Lord of the Rings trilogy. A movie series that can teach you a lot about what a warrior should be. It has a setting that inspires hope in darkness, and magnificent acts from those, who would seem unlikely to provide them. A lesson (several actually) can be learned from the now famous movies.

First it shows you a glimpse of what we as warriors might have to face. In the very beginning of the first movie, we see a huge battlefield, which despite the lack of advanced weaponry, is truly magnificent. At the same time, its dark gritty and horrible. A battle with no hope until the last seconds of defeat. A situation full of contradictions, difficult to grasp. Despite this hopelessness, the last of the finest warriors of that world have gathered, to finally defeat evil, out of hope for the survival of the rest of the world. As a warrior it is your duty to join such a battle.

The movie also introduces an unlikely hero, Frodo (compare him to your everyday warrior, who does his job and follows orders. No one you'd take notice of). Once this hero gets the task to finally destroy evil however, he springs into action, baffling many with his spirit to actually take on the task. Throughout the movies we see how this task becomes more and more of a challenge, but despite the constant flow of challenges, he keeps on fighting, in the spirit of a true warrior, because he realizes that this is what he was meant to do. It is his actions that will either lead to complete destruction, or salvation of the world.

Finally it teaches us the lesson of friendship. Frodo's companion, Sam sticks with him till the end. Despite the fact that Frodo is lured into suspicion of Sam, and that their spirits are constantly dying, Sam will not leave Frodo's side. This sidekick is just as much of a warrior, a hero, himself, fighting equal perils to end the evil that plagues the world. At the very end it is Sam, and not Frodo, that finally manages to put an end to the evil.

The lord of the rings teaches every warrior about the actualities of war, the responsibility of an important task, and how to act upon it, as well as the pricelessness of friendship on the battlefield. These lessons should not be overlooked.


The Proud and Tall
by daxx0r

We are warriors, we stand proud and tall!
We will fight on, we will never fall!
To protect the ones whose freedom is scarred,
And forever peace and justice guard.
United, as one fighting force,
We throw ourselves into oblivion on an unknown course.
To fight for what is true, it's a selfless act,
Which only a warrior has the courage to transact.
Charging in battle we are one, we're a team,
When our enemies see us, in terror they'll scream.
Skill and fury, two powers we need,
Kindness and mercy, the powers we'll heed.
We are warriors, we stand proud and tall!
We will fight on, we will never fall!


A Hero's Call
by Ulric

I chant for Battle, I chant for War!
Hear my cry Warriors, down to your core
All Warriors by virtue, All Warriors by birth, stand tall, and stand wide!
Bring back your chest, for Honor and Glory, Our badges of pride
Faith and Justice, Chivalrous Might,
Live for the combat, The Glorious Fight
Hold your shield close, brandish your steel
Let loose your fury, make our enemies kneel
March on the line! Protect all the weak
It's the way of the Warrior, Not the way of the meek
Fight for your friendships, loved ones and kin
Fight for survival, Summon Strength from within
Be true to yourself, with your courage they'll pay
We will rally our forces, and show them the True, Warrior way!


Excerpt from
"The Domestication of Man"
By Sean Powers

Ours is an age of quick scrutiny and disillusionment. We live breathe and eat institutions, and as a result we are all institutionalized. This domestication, when fought, leads one to become an outsider in mind and perception to the rest of the world around them. We are bred to believe that our animal nature is something to be ignored, suppressed and ultimately scoffed. As men, in a world where the sentimental and the polite are valued above antagonisms of the adversarial nature that is inherent within us to compete, we become torn in two, neither beauty nor monster, neither perfect nor flawed. We are paradox, and as paradox we repeat our nature in the disasters of mental illness, laxity of mind, decay of our bodies, or the abuse of luxury.

Killing, or the taking of life from another human being, or creature is inherently considered a negative act. It is measured in terms of loss and gain. To lose life, to take life from another is considered antithetical to the nature of progress and civilization. Where is such foundation rooted? Living creatures all fear pain, and pain is stereotypically a precursor to death. The result is an association of pain with death, or pain with loss – something to be avoided.

By engaging in the act of killing, or rather, the attempt to kill, we are bringing that other creature, that other living organism one step closer to the realization of its own animalistic instinct. We are lifting the illusion of order and peace and forcing that creature to embrace its urge to survive. And by bringing another creature to this realm on the outskirts of death, we bring them to the closest they will ever come to living life.

Copyright Sean Powers 2004.



Who am I?
by Brookie

The noun that best describes me is Friend. The adjective is faithful. I believe my greatest skill is listening. Out of the fears I was only able to narrow it down to 3: Defeat, Loneliness, and losing control. My greatest weakness is procrastination.

These words explain alot about why I do things when put together. Often I will put off doing things because I fear I may fail. However others who truly know me consider me a good friend not only because listen to them, their problems, and what they have to say, but also because I am faithfull and they know that I'll be there for them through thick and thin. The skills I have I strive to put to use helping my friends get through life. When they have something on their mind they know I can talk to them and also listen.

I try to overcome my weaknesses but often I fail to do so. To overcome procrastination all I need do is to do a task when I see it needs doing, instead of doing something tomorrow, do it today. Unfourtunatly all to often I see something needs doing and then instead of doing it I go read a book or just sit around doing nothing. This is definatly something I need to work on.

My future? I need to keep the skills and traits I have but also develop more skills, better traits. My weaknesses I must redouble my efforts to overcome. However seeing what I have to do and saying I will do it is a long way from doing it. It's that last step to actually doing what must be done that I must complete.


Start Something
by Teir


There is a riverside nearby. It is not much to look at apart from the usual small shrubs, pebbles and occasional dead fish, but it is still a vestige of nature and on occasion I find myself there, enjoying an evening walk to clear my head. It is a natural canal and as such, ships, boats and so on of various sizes and purposes find their way by our riverside, as do quite a number of self-proclaimed experienced fishermen.

Frankly, they leave a mess, hardly ever clean up after themselves or anything polite as that, and lately it has been showing in the landscape.

I know I am not the only one to notice and think this a shame as occasionally one runs into the same people while on the aforementioned walks. Seeing one another every now and then, apparently warrants talking to one another and at one of these times, we spoke of the pollution.

Since I had signed up somewhere during that time, and had therefore received the "Start Something" assignment already, I then began talking these fine people into helping me set up a bit of a 'clean up'-organisation. I do see them more often than I take walks like that, and they were, for the most part, enthusiastic about the idea. Although in some cases, it might have been the free pizza's I had promised to order to end our day with.

We would have started cleaning sooner, if it hadn't been for the fact that we knew several kinds of items were to be found by the riverside that did not fit in the 'glass/paper/clothes/plastic' categories. It took some doing, checking up with the local law department concerning this, but I won't bother you with the details of that task, since it is nothing but local law and the application thereof.

So then, this Saturday, we all found ourselves with a free day to spend cleaning the riverside. It drew some attention of the fishermen and the people on the boats that came by, but we weren't bothered by them much as we executed our plan of cleaning.

By the evening, we had cleaned up half of the stretch that is our riverside. Everything had been sorted, and was ready to be placed with the garbage disposal units mentioned above. The iron and crude garbage (which couldn't be placed in or with said aforementioned garbage disposal units) was cleared out as well. The iron was placed in hold with a man who also has a tree nursery. Apparently, a local band is going to hold their annual iron-run sometime soon, and he was happy to take it off or hands for us until the band could collect it.

The crude garbage, or 'household' garbage, was split evenly among the cleaners, but as that was very little, no one seemed to mind much.

The way things look, we'll go again next Saturday, do the rest of the stretch, and check the part we already did. Hopefully, we will be able to manage it so that it no longer causes a problem for other people like ourselves who would like to enjoy the view and fresh air a bit.



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